Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I apply for a “Corporate” account?

A: We recommend applying for a corporate account if you intend to place a minimum of 5 orders per month. Otherwise, it’s easier to charge your credit card on an add-need basis.

Q: Do I need to apply a shipping label or waybill to my package(s).

A: A waybill is optional with Rover. All we need is a delivery address on the parcels that we are picking up. We keep things simple…

Q: Is there insurance for my deliveries?

A: Yes, your shipments are insured up to $100 in case of loss or damage. See our Terms of Service for more details.

Q: What is the largest package I can send?

A: 44″ x 68″ if you select our Oversize service. Otherwise, it’s 36″ x 60″.

Q: Which items are prohibited to be shipped?

A: See full list in our terms of service (section 16D).

Q: Can I communicate directly with a driver?

A: Yes. Your driver will initiate communication by phone or SMS if he/she has any questions. You can keep in touch with them throughout the delivery process.

Q: Do I get a refund if I cancel an order?

A: You can cancel an order at no charge any time before your delivery is assigned to a driver. Otherwise, a $5 cancellation fee will apply, unless the driver has already reached the pick up location, in which case you will be charged the full fee. 

Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: Our regular ordering hours are from 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. We can also arrange after-hour shipments 24/7, including holidays. Call us at 1-888-290-1628 to place after-hour shipments (higher rates may apply).

Q: Can I ship something out of town?

A: Yes, we can do same-day shipment out-of-town, within 500 kms. Priority cut-offs will vary, depending on “ship-to” location, and the time your order is placed.

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