Improving sameday deliveries

through automation for clients,

drivers, and the environment 


A client in search of a good solution…

Our journey began as clients, where we utilized the services of several courier companies for our various businesses. We found that most courier companies do a decent job at delivering from point A to B, although all were lacking when it came to automation, communication, and process. We also noticed that sameday couriers were not readily available to individuals or small/home-based businesses. 

We decided to partner up with courier industry experts, and a talented group of developers to create a new innovative courier service for businesses of any size, as well as individuals. This has become especially relevant with the rapidly increasing demand for same day deliveries across the board.



Leverage automation to help clients, drivers, and the environment

Sameday deliveries have become an essential service, which is why we believe in providing easy access, and functionality to anyone that needs it. We also feel it’s necessary to automate the local courier industry, which is stuck in the past. There is no reason why clients should be performing simple tasks manually with all the technological advancements at our disposal. It’s time to simplify sameday deliveries, just like so many other industries have done over the years.


We all share responsibility

One of Rover’s primary missions is to reduce the carbon footprint for sameday deliveries. We do this primarily through our software, which optimizes our driver routes and load balancing to ensure minimum driving distances. Other measures we employ include auto-assigning deliveries to the closest driver, order batching, digitizing the paper trail, and our heavy emphasis on walking and biking couriers. All of these processes, and  innovations contribute to a reduction of more than 30% in fuel emissions.



Happy driver, happy client!

We firmly believe that everyone is entitled to earn a good livelihood, including delivery drivers, who are often not treated with the proper level of respect. That’s why we pay our drivers among the highest cut in the industry for performing such an essential function. Our drivers are as important to us as our clients. If our drivers are happy, our clients will be happy, it’s that simple…


Large and small alike…

Our clients range from individuals that need a package delivered across town in a hurry, to large corporations with significant delivery requirements, and everything in between. All of our clients have access to great rates and services through our easy-to-use online platform, and integrations.

We also work with businesses who need an easy way to offer sameday deliveries to their own clients, which is why we invested much time and effort integrating with leading e-commerce platforms, and creating a feature-rich API for custom integrations. The goal, to offer our discounted rates directly on your e-commerce or POS system. This is essential for many businesses to survive in today’s environment.


It’s time to try a better way to deliver your packages…